23 August 2014
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23 August 2014,

There are a number of people who are suffering from acid reflux or heart burn, and it has been gradually increasing because of the unbalanced food. To get rid of acidity, people always look for medicines or other remedies and taking some highly advantageous food additives is one of the most prominent ways to contribute in elimination of this problem. To beat up the problems of acid reflux, you should go for these 5 foods, mentioned below-

Fruits as a natural food product can be used to manage acidity –

  • Fruits like apple, banana, pears which are non-citrus in nature, can be used to remove acidity problems.
  • These fruits are non-acidic in nature and thereby used as the best remedy for solving heart burn problems. Fruits like banana contain essentials proteins and vitamins that activates the cells of muscles and forms a mucus barrier to provide stomach, protected from acids.
  • Other than this, you can also use banana shakes, muffins, banana bread or sandwich which are proved an effective way to cure such ailment.
  • Apple side vinegar can also be taken for eliminating acidity problems within a short span of time.

 Honey helps to soothe up the functioning of liver


Pumpkin, legumes and many other vegetables are highly alkaline in nature and are also low in fat consumption; therefore it is advisable to take such fibre rich and green leafy vegetables in your diet for eliminating problems of tartness in the body.

Easily combating the effect of acidity produced by taking acidic food, vegetables like pumpkin can also help to neutralize uric acid production in your body. Other vegetables, which can be taken for lessening the impact of acid in body are carrot, lettuce, cabbage beet etc.

Leafy vegetables and sprouts are known to contain vitamins B and E which can really work well to suppress the level of acids in body.


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